Helping and being helped

Imagine you are in a room of 20, 50, or more people who all want to help you move your life and business forward.   

And, by the end of the hour you’ve helped a lot of people and you received the help that you wanted.  

How great is that? 


How it works

First, sign up for free on; and post what you are looking for.  You can ask for a new customer for your business, a math tutor for you kids, or anything else that you want.  

Second, find an Otherly Speed Helping event in your city on   Meet new and old friends. Have some fun. And walk away with warm introductions to the people that you want to meet.

Third, thank the people who have helped you and return the favor. 


Make your meetups better

Accelerate helping and networking for your conference, Rotary Club, association, or any other event by adding the Otherly Speed Helping to yourAsk us how at



Become a host

We invite you to become an Otherly Speed Helping Host, anywhere in the world, and earn $125,000- $175,000 per year.   Do it part-time and earn $50,000+ per year.   

We’ll give you everything that you need to succeed for free.  In return we want you to donate 25% of your earnings to a charity of our choice in your city.

Contact us at to learn more.