I am Shawn Bearman and this is my story

... and my video



Being Otherly is my journey

Otherly is a journey.  It is always looking forward to see how what we do and how we do it makes THE difference for others.

I am out to master being Otherly.  Being the kind of person that leaves every conversation richer and every person better than before.

I live an Otherly life seeking Otherly opportunities with Otherly people.  A life worth living.

Join me in generating an Otherly planet.  Where caring about others is more important than making money and causes a level of abundance unheard of in our century.



Thank your friends and I give to charities

Every time my friends thank their friends and loved ones a donation gets made to my two favorite charities – TEAM DIABETES and The Children with Aids Foundation.   A Win-Win-Win endeavor.

This is one way of being Otherly to you and for you to be Otherly back.  Show gratitude and thanks to the people that matter.

From this page, click SIGN UP FREE, so that Otherly and I can make sure the donations get to my favorite charities.


Help others.  Help yourself. 

Helping each other.  Celebrating those who do. Sharing how it is done.