Vancouver, BC – April 2016


This Mother’s Day join in creating a wave of gratitude for Moms and help us help Moms in need.

Moms were there when you needed them. It's time to send them sweet thanks – with cards made of sweet sugar cane.

We will give 100% of all profits to moms who need help.

The 10 Million Thanks Challenge

Say thanks to your mom, grandma, aunt, and anyone else who has been Motherly, or Otherly, to you. When you do, we will give 100% of all the monies we earn to moms who need help. Now, that is something that makes your mama proud. is a social network that helps you help and get help from friends.

It’s so easy to make a difference - join Otherly (for free), send your Motherly person a card or gift, then let the magic happen.

“Being is about helping others and making THE difference”, says Shawn Bearman, COO, “we can make more of a difference when we know what people need. picks up where other social platforms leave off, giving people the information they need to make a difference and then providing an easy way to thank them and acknowledge them when they make a difference for us.”