Otherly helps moms who need help

We will give 100% of all of the money we make to moms who need help. 


10 Million thanks challenge   

Say thanks to your mom, grandma, aunt, and anyone else who has been motherly, has been Otherly, to you.

When you do, we will give 100% of all the monies we earn to moms who need help, in your city.

Now, that is something that makes your mama proud.   


Sweeter with sugar paper

Send a thank you card to someone special.  

All of our greeting cards and envelops are printed on sugar cane leftovers, so there is more sweetness in every card. 

And, we also save thousands of trees. 


Like she is in your home town

Your mom or friend may live in your home town or may live across the world.  Where ever they live, you only pay local stamp costs.    


Help Others. Help Yourself.

Helping each other.  Celebrating those who do. Sharing how it is done.