Hi.  I am Mike Nabavi.  I am Otherly's founder. This is my story about why I believe Otherly matters to us all.


Service above self

It wasn’t till I joined Rotary that everything came together for me.  Rotary is a service club with approximately one million members who help others in their communities. Rotary’s motto is Service Above Self.  I love this motto, because it is only through service that we can find meaning in ourselves.  

Being Otherly is all of our stories.   Mothers are motherly.  Fathers are fatherly.  Brothers are brotherly.  Sisters are sisterly.  Neighbors are neighborly.  Friends are friendly.  When we focus on others, we are Otherly. 


A better world

Initially, I wanted to make it easier for friends and business contacts to help each other to find more business.  

Soon after, I wanted to make it easier for everyone to be able to help others more often.  Today, I want everyone to get behind Otherly as a grassroots global movement to help  turn around our economies, everywhere.  

See the video below for a personal conversation with me about why Otherly matters to us all.


I love to hear your thought about what we are doing and what else you think we should do, perhaps together. 

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Help Others. Help Yourself.  

Helping each other.  Celebrating those who do. Sharing how it is done.