Hi.  I am Mike Nabavi.  I am Otherly's founder. This is my story and video.


An Incredible Innovation 

People often ask me, where did the idea of Otherly come from? 

I was 9 years old when I planted the seeds of Otherly in my head.  But, it wasn’t till I joined Rotary that everything came together.

My grade 3 teacher told us about the innovation of money.  How simple I thought, but why did it take people thousands of years to figure it out?  I often dreamedif I could come up with a simple innovation, like the innovation of money, to change the world for the better, to make it possible for people to help each other a lot more, while they do better for themselves, their families, and their communities.   

I think in part I asked these questions, because I wanted the 9 year old me to matter more to my very busy business-focused father.  Looking now, the seed that I planted in my head at the age of 9 never left me.


One Act at a Time

It wasn’t till I joined Rotary a couple of decades later that it all came together.  Rotary is a service club with approximately one million members who help others in their communities.  

In my first Rotary meeting, the club president was reviewing their successes from the previous year.  It seemed like an endless list.  So much was achieved by the very part-time effort of the 150 club members.  Rotary – what a simple ideas and how impactful, I thought.   

People like to help each other. It has always been like this; it’s in our DNA. I hear it every day. But, we still don’t have a modern way to do this.  No place to find out what help our friends need.  To top it off there is the social awkwardness of asking for help.  These are not trivial problems, not in our society. 

So, I set out to change this for everyone. 



Changing the World for the Better

After a few iterations and a number of expensive learning experiences, I now see that the simple innovation, like the innovation of money, that can change the world for the better for everyone is Otherly.  Otherly can help us strengthen our friendships, build our communities, and expand our economies.  The potential of expanding of our economies excites me to no end.

I am often taken back by the generous words that I read and hear from so many who are as optimistic and excited about how Otherly can significantly change the world for the better. It gives our entire team energy to push on.  

Like all other ideas, Otherly needs a community beside it and behind it; otherwise it will disappear.  Otherly needs your support.  It needs all of us.  I invite you to be otherly on Otherly.