Otherly Aims To Give 20 Million Meals This Friendsgiving Season

November 17, 2016, Vancouver, BC: 


Thank a friend on Otherly’s app. and Otherly will gift a meal to someone in need.  Our goal is 20 Million meals this Friendsgiving season. Friendsgiving season often starts November 15th and runs until the last Thursday in November.

Scientists have broadly agreed that helping others and a sense of gratitude contributes to a long and healthy life.


“I was nine years old when I noticed that simple ideas can change the world in the most profound ways.  Nothing I have seen since has changed my view.  Otherly is one of these ideas.  We made it possible for you to create a positive impact in the world and deepen your friendship with two clicks on our app which takes less than a minute. How fantastic is that?”, says Mike Nabavi, CEO of Otherly. 


Otherly has partnered with HOPE International Development Agency (hope-international.com) a not-for-profit with reach into over 20 countries, where Otherly and Otherly’s supporters will pay for the meals and HOPE International Development Agency makes sure the meals get to the right people. 

“In reality, it is more than just a meal.  It brings families together and provides them with hope that their journey out of poverty is possible and will happen”, says Dale W. Bowler, Executive Director/CEO of HOPE.  

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Otherly’s team has been working at a break-neck speed to develop the web, Android, and iOS apps and to share the story.  Bob Proctor, and Colin Sprake’s teams were some of the first to show interest in the Otherly’s Friendsgiving Initiative.

To join the adventure, download the app – go to http://smarturl.it/Otherly  - or go to www.other.ly and start sending Friendsgiving notes to your friends on your phone and on Facebook. Otherly will pay or you can pay.


Friendsgiving LIVE Counter: Click here

About Otherly: Otherly is the social platform that is all about helping. Helping our friends, neighbors, even strangers, in a way that makes a difference.  More about Otherly at http://about.other.ly.   Otherly’s Press Room at http://about.other.ly/press-room

About HOPE International Development Agency:  HOPE exists to improve the supply of basic human necessities for the neediest of the developing world to become self-reliant.  More about HOPE at www.hope-international.com

To book an interview or media inquiry, contact Shawn Bearman at Media@Other.ly  or 1.800.474.9651.