What is Friendsgiving season?

Friendsgiving season has been trending over the past few years. 

Friendsgiving season starts November 15th and ends on the same day as the US Thanksgiving.  

Friendsgiving season is about saying thanks and giving back to friends and the community. 


 What is Otherly doing during the Friendsgiving season?

Thank a friend who has been there for you; and Otherly will give a meal to someone in need.

Otherly will pay for the meal; or you can help to pay for it.  

To join the adventure go to www.other.ly or download the iOS and Android apps at http://smarturl.it/otherly  


Why is Otherly doing this?

This is who we are.  Our name – Otherly – means to be about others. 

Otherly makes it possible for friends and neighbors to help each other everywhere and for everything.    

We also believe that being good and doing good is good for business. 

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Why is HOPE doing this?

HOPE International Development Agency ("HOPE") exists to help people in need. 

HOPE is helping people in need in over 25 countries; and they have been helping others for over four decades.  


Is Otherly a not-for-profit?

Otherly is a for-profit company. 

HOPE is a not-for-profit company. 

We are similar in that we have similar philosophies. 


Will Otherly be making a profit?

There will be zero dollars of profit for Otherly.  

We will give 100% of net proceeds to HOPE, so that HOPE can do more of the good work that they are.   


Where is money for the meals coming from?

Otherly’s supporters have stepped in and pledged to pay for approximately 15% of the 20 Million meals.   

Some of Otherly’s users are also supporting the initiative and helping by purchasing meals on the Otherly site.


How many meals have been pledged?

See our LIVE counter here


How did the relationship between Otherly and HOPE start?

The relationship between Otherly’s founder, Mike Nabavi, and HOPE goes back to 2010.

Mike, then with the Rotary Club, helped raise funds to support those displaced during the 2010 Pakistan Indus River flood.  

With the help of the Emmanuel Foundation and HOPE, Mike led the effort for Rotary to deliver 8 containers of medical equipment and supplies to Pakistan. 


Will Otherly’s members receive a donation tax receipt?

For smaller amounts, it doesn't make a lot of sense.  

If support is more significant, then we can coordinate for you to receive a tax receipt. 


More Questions?

Contact Media@Other.ly