Otherly turning around our economies. Really?


When we get behind Otherly, we can start turning around our economies and create many new jobs.

Read on and if you think there is even a slight possibility that this can be true, then ask if it is worth the try. 

When we help our friends find a couple of extra customers per year, find an employee or an employer a couple of weeks earlier, find an investor or a partner faster, or anything else that helps them do more in less time, we are helping them become more better off. It's hard to say how much more productive our friends and us become, but let's assume 5% better over course of a year.  

Together, we can grow our economies when we each become  5% (just a guess) more productive in our communities, cities, and countries, we grow the economy, our GDP, by 5% times the economic multiplier.  This is a transformational growth that can turn our economies around and create many new jobs.  Its all rooted in basic economic theory.

We have done a lot for our environment by recycling one bottle at a time.   We can do a lot for our friends, communities, and economies by one act of help at a time.

Worldwide Otherly movement in 21 days, so long as you join Otherly today and tomorrow you inspire only three of your friends to join Otherly, and everyone did the same, then in three weeks, theoretically, the entire connected world would be on Otherly, helping friends and growing our economies.  (math: 3x3x3x3 … for 21 days) .  

To do this in 21 days would be incredible, but unlikely.  How about 21 weeks or 21 months.  Is it sill worth a try?

Change the world or change the world for the better for your friends and communities. Together, let's turn Otherly into a global social movement.  We each only need to commit to inspiring only 3 friends to join Otherly.