Celebrating those who are Otherly

There are those special people who were Otherly to us.   They helped us become who we are today and have what we have.

We need to celebrate them.  We need to inspire more people to be like them.

Join the Otherly Challenge and share your Otherly story and win the Otherly prize, a trip for two to somewhere beautiful.

May be it can be a gift from you to the person who was Otherly to you.


Share your stories & win the challenge

Share with us a story of someone who has been or is Otherly and how they have touched your life or others' lives. 

Together, we'll share you story with the world.

The more your story is shared on YouTube and Facebook, you win the Otherly Challenge.  You can share as many stories as you like.

Even if you don't win the Otherly Challenge, you still win.  In fact, we all do, thanks to your stories.

The prize is an all paid vacation for you and a friend to somewhere beautiful like Belize to help build a playground or a repair a school with a group of volunteers for one week and relax in a resort or travel the county for the second week.  


Rules of the Otherly challenge

There are two rules only. 

  1. Inspire your viewers or readers to a) share their stories with Otherly and the world, just like you have; and b) inspire them to go to www.Other.ly to find out how they can help their friends and get help from them. 
  2. Share your stories with us.  See how below.

Who wins?  The top 10 stories that are shared the most on YouTube and/or Facebook are entered to win the Otherly Challenge.     


Posting your stories to Facebook

  1. Tell your story on video and picture or text. 
  2. Post it to the Otherly wall at https://www.facebook.com/IamOtherly/  

  3. Otherly posts it on our wall.

  4. Otherly, you and everyone else share it with the world.

  5. The top 10 shared stories get the chance to win the Otherly Challenge

Posting your stories to YouTube

  1. Tell your story. 

  2. Add the Otherly Challenge Video link in the description of your video (on your YouTube channel).  https://youtu.be/TZ76Q_8Z3MI

  3. Go to the Otherly Discussion Page on YouTube and Post the link to your video. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrtsLeDYj20J-Pse1_hhK1A/discussion  

  4. Subscribe to the Otherly YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrtsLeDYj20J-Pse1_hhK1A/featured

  5. Otherly will add the video to our playlist.

  6. Otherly, you and everyone else share the video with the world.

  7. The top 10 shared stories get the chance to win the Otherly Challenge.