Dan Lok, An Otherly Human

Dan Lok is a successful self-made entrepreneur who freely and generously teaches others who follow him the steps he has taken to reach his success. Dan grew up in Hong Kong and moved to Vancouver Canada with his mother at 16, after the divorce of his parents. He found himself floundering at school and in this new society without any English or experience in Canada. When the impact of the change dawned on him, he realized he needed to grow up, help his loving mother and learn to make it on his own. 


He knew business was the way to make success for himself and he saw the lucrative work of copywriting as a vehicle forward. Struggling with the English language his work was challenging until he found a mentor in Alan Jacques, who saw his potential, believed in him and helped him become better. Dan worked day and night pushing forward continuously and gained some momentum. He made some mistakes along the way but pushed onward, decidedly diligent about his success. He began to gain ground and made great strides. At first he was very ego-oriented when he gained some success. Then he realized, that new cars, a nice home and plenty of money didn’t bring additional happiness. He soon discovered that helping others gave him the heart-warming feeling that he had been seeking.

He applied what he knew to help others become better. He began to mentor other businessmen and women, helping them see their potential and taking several under his wing, volunteering to help them grow and prosper. He realized that the best way to serve the world and make positive change was to build more entrepreneurs who could do the work of great change on personal and community levels, where the work is needed most. 

 Dan Lok

Dan Lok

These days Dan offers a monthly Meetup in the beautiful and inspiring Vancouver Club, delivering rich knowledge that everyday people can take and apply to their greater success. He offers his guidance freely, and believes that benefiting and elevating others is the best way to help change the world for the better. Dan donates to the Children’s Hospital in Vancouver and works tirelessly to uplift and nurture his community of up and coming business entrepreneurs. Dan Lok is loved and greatly valued by many. Dan Lok is Otherly. Because It Matters.

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