Sonali L Perera, Founder of the Awakened Man Event

 Sonali L Perera

Sonali L Perera

Sonali L Perera was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. She is an unique mix of Peruvian and Sri Lankan, and her name Sonali means light that comes from gold. She recalls her childhood being spent engaged in lots of activities such as dance, poetry, guitar and being curious about the spiritual realms. But she lost her father at the age ten and had a rocky relationship with her mother soon afterThis experience caused her to struggle with feeling a loss of power, inability to speak her truth and confused about what she had to offer the world. Later on in her life, an event occurred that caused her to rethink what really mattered and to look within herself for the deeper answers. 

She began to meditate and found herself embarking on a unexpected spiritual journey. This led her to discover her gift in meditation and the arts of energy healing. Sonali studied energy healing modalities such as Bodytalk and Yuen method. Through her own healing, breakthoughs and transformation, Sonali felt inspired to take this out into the world and share it with more people who need this deep transforming experience. 

After taking time to search within herself, Sonali also learned over the course of her own journey that happiness is not something you get outside of yourself.  Sonali says “It’s not something you win or something that anyone can give you. Happiness is not dependent on money, materials, status or labels people tend to give themselves. Happiness is about accepting yourself no matter where you are, it’s about finding your own truth, it’s about doing what you love, it’s about smiles and laughter. It's about appreciating the abundance that surrounds you and also loving the simple things like the petals on a flower, the sun rays beaming down and loving who you are. It’s in this place where you can discover the many gifts you carry within yourself that you bring to this world. 

She got fired up to help people who suffer or struggle with stepping into their power, speaking their truth, finding their purpose and uncovering their hidden superpowers/innate gifts. She encourages others to really show up and take accountability for how powerful they really are and how each of us has the ability to really impact the world with the way we choose to show up. 

She created an event called the Awakened Man to help and encourage men to find balance in this new feminine energy that’s on the rise, to help them merge into the mighty masculine strength that can now operate from a more conscious, compassionate and authentic space.  Sonali believes that having events like The Awakened Man and soon The Awakened Woman creates an exciting path for Men and Women to learn how to better co-create next level ventures and relationships for a more sustainable world. 

She also is the Creator of Hungry Hearts, a non-profit fund that focuses on bringing our local communities together by feeding the Heart of downtown Eastside homeless.  Her long term vision is to set up Hungry Hearts Teams in every city across North America. She continues on a magnificent journey to provide a place of healing and inspiration for participants of her wonderful events in Vancouver. Sonali Perera is Otherly. Because It Matters. 

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