Little Woo, An Otherly Human

Little Woo grew up in what she calls the Far East of Canada, in the land of the Maritimes. In the beginning, she was a child full of zest but she soon saw that the world was not safe as there was a lack of acceptance and a great violence in humanity. She experienced ugliness that she didn't understand and felt that the universe was unwelcoming. 

At first she thought that there was something wrong with her because she didn't feel wanted here on Earth.  This stifled her connectivity with others throughout the school years.  As her heart closed, she experienced a difficult life path dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. Ultimately, she realized that she did believe in herself so it was humanity and the universe that she did not trust. Yet somehow in her heart, memories of beauty and enchantment she had seen in The Last Unicorn and in other fairytales remained alive. 

She was drawn to the mythologies of heroism and idealism that were recurring themes in fairytales and films. She wondered why we would keep reaching for these same noble ideas over and over in our art and our stories? She started believing that beauty and goodness must exist on some plane of reality. She realized that even if everything we do falls short of the higher vision in our hearts, the ideal keeps fuelling humanity's dreams and creativity.

As she explored her own mythology more deeply, she found that the truest art form is how you live your life. So the question that entranced her is: How do we become enchanted with life? How do we find this magic in adulthood?  She started to develop a process to heal herself with this mythology of being. Since she'd previously taught music, dance and art, teaching the healing arts was a natural evolution. So she invested all her energy into being a creative, awake and loving human - what she calls a “magical human.” 

She developed a program called The School of Enchantment: Inner Training for Magical Humans and it is now the school's ten-year anniversary. She strives to find the true, good and beautiful in people, sharing the journey of self-discovery with her clients and students.  “Once you fall in love again with life, the doors start to open because you can finally see others and they can see you.” 

In her workshops, private coaching and upcoming online classes, she teaches the art of creative compassion as a practical tool for happiness and problem solving. By doing what she playfully calls a PhD in Compassion, we can train to be happy, loving human beings - just as we train to be athletes, artists, scientists or entrepreneurs.  She believes that our inner child is cheering us on as we bring back the Magical Humans to enchant our corner of the universe. Little Woo is Otherly. Because It Matters.

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