Shelley Klassen, An Otherly Human

Shelley grew up in Niagara Falls, the youngest of four children to hard working immigrant Mennonite parents. Inspired by her mother’s love for sewing, Shelley began designing at an early age but her love of fabrics grew with her first foreign adventure volunteering at an orphanage in India.  

Shortly after she graduated from design school in Ottawa, she moved to Vancouver and launched her beautiful Blushing Designs line of chic, feminine clothing.  While her passion is designing, her inspiration comes from listening and connecting with the women in her community.  

Shelley’s flagship boutique on Richards St. in downtown Vancouver, is a hotspot for community and charity events and she donates regularly to genuine causes. Working closely with the local design schools, Shelley’s design atelier is a dream opportunity for young talent who come to cultivate their skills before launching their own labels. Shelley has found fashion to be an amazing convergence of women doing incredible things for their communities.

Shelley is now a mother of three young children and supported by her loving husband of twenty years. Welcoming and gracious, together they make an impact in Vancouver’s fashion scene while keeping the importance of supporting and the community a priority.  A visit to the boutique will leave you inspired and curious about what is possible. 

Shelley is a unique, iconic Canadian fashion designer well-loved by her community and fans. She is approachable, heart-centered and seeks to support each person she encounters. This is why Shelley is so loved. This is why Shelley is Otherly. Because It Matters.

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