Kaurina Danu

Kaurina Danu’s heart is so big. She is a mother of four children, aged from fourteen to one year. She is tirelessly caring for her children, her community, her friends and her clients. Aside from the ongoing tasks of motherhood Kaurina has pursued a life coaching certification so that she can help other mothers ease the stresses of their lives.

She is also trained as a doula, helping mothers birth their children into the world, in a safe, centred, and conscious way that alleviates any stress on the mother or baby. She is constantly acquiring more information even as she is well educated, a natural on the birthing process. She continues to serve the women who come to her through the community birth program for women in need and those who find her through trusted friends. She is always available to help and give advice to new moms. 

Currently she is offering free life coaching sessions to help women be less stressed, find their purposes and live the life of their dreams. She is always available to her friends at any time of the day or night, and is sometimes called upon to provide meals, shelter, drives to the airport and any other way she can serve her community.

Kaurina is a giving person, and she makes helping look effortless and natural. Whenever she has guests there is always an offer of food, kindness, help, support and assistance. She is always willing to be of service. She is an Otherly person. Because It Matters.