Brice Royer, An Otherly Human.


Brice Royer

When a mother in need answered a craigslist ad requesting someone to cook meals for a man with intestinal cancer, the last thing she was expecting was to receive a home in return.  

Francesca Murray is a single mother with a four year old daughter, Charlotte. Brice Royer is part of a community participating in the “Gift Economy”, a group of heart centred individuals from Vancouver. It is an initiative to receive goods and services by exchanging skills and work without the need for payment.  

Brice, however, is struggling with stomach cancer. His doctor told him the best way to heal, was by loving others and being loved in return. So Brice began looking for ways to love.

After working as a business analyst, Francesca Murray found herself homeless after leaving a troubled relationship. When she began working for Brice by cooking his meals, they began to get to know each other. Murray appreciated Brice’s kind heartedness and his involvement with the Gift Economy and commendable willingness to serve others. Murray told him her story that in February she would be homeless if something didn't change because the program that helped her find shelter after leaving her relationship is only available for one year. Brice then decided to create a type of ‘Pay It Forward’ housing program.

Brice created a plan to build a tiny solar-powered house then began campaigning on Facebook, telling the story of Francesca and what the community needed to do to help, including fundraising $25,000 to build the tiny home. As the Christmas 2015 deadline was nearing, the community continued to spread the word and the the target was hit Christmas Eve. The money is now in place and the building has begun to meet the February target so that Francesca can move into the home with her four-year-old daughter! Brice hopes that this is the first home in a wave for many of those in needy circumstances. 

The tiny house will be situated on a donated lot, powered by solar and be 300 square feet. Any supplies to furnish the home will be appreciated. Find out more by searching Brice Royer, The Tiny Home. Join to find more helpful people so we can create more results like this! Great job, Brice Royer and Francesca Murray!!

Brice Royer is Otherly. Because It Matters.