Sonali L Perera, Founder of the Awakened Man Event

 Sonali L Perera

Sonali L Perera

Sonali L Perera was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. She is an unique mix of Peruvian and Sri Lankan, and her name Sonali means light that comes from gold. She recalls her childhood being spent engaged in lots of activities such as dance, poetry, guitar and being curious about the spiritual realms. But she lost her father at the age ten and had a rocky relationship with her mother soon afterThis experience caused her to struggle with feeling a loss of power, inability to speak her truth and confused about what she had to offer the world. Later on in her life, an event occurred that caused her to rethink what really mattered and to look within herself for the deeper answers. 

She began to meditate and found herself embarking on a unexpected spiritual journey. This led her to discover her gift in meditation and the arts of energy healing. Sonali studied energy healing modalities such as Bodytalk and Yuen method. Through her own healing, breakthoughs and transformation, Sonali felt inspired to take this out into the world and share it with more people who need this deep transforming experience. 

After taking time to search within herself, Sonali also learned over the course of her own journey that happiness is not something you get outside of yourself.  Sonali says “It’s not something you win or something that anyone can give you. Happiness is not dependent on money, materials, status or labels people tend to give themselves. Happiness is about accepting yourself no matter where you are, it’s about finding your own truth, it’s about doing what you love, it’s about smiles and laughter. It's about appreciating the abundance that surrounds you and also loving the simple things like the petals on a flower, the sun rays beaming down and loving who you are. It’s in this place where you can discover the many gifts you carry within yourself that you bring to this world. 

She got fired up to help people who suffer or struggle with stepping into their power, speaking their truth, finding their purpose and uncovering their hidden superpowers/innate gifts. She encourages others to really show up and take accountability for how powerful they really are and how each of us has the ability to really impact the world with the way we choose to show up. 

She created an event called the Awakened Man to help and encourage men to find balance in this new feminine energy that’s on the rise, to help them merge into the mighty masculine strength that can now operate from a more conscious, compassionate and authentic space.  Sonali believes that having events like The Awakened Man and soon The Awakened Woman creates an exciting path for Men and Women to learn how to better co-create next level ventures and relationships for a more sustainable world. 

She also is the Creator of Hungry Hearts, a non-profit fund that focuses on bringing our local communities together by feeding the Heart of downtown Eastside homeless.  Her long term vision is to set up Hungry Hearts Teams in every city across North America. She continues on a magnificent journey to provide a place of healing and inspiration for participants of her wonderful events in Vancouver. Sonali Perera is Otherly. Because It Matters. 

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International Women's Day Celebrated at The University Women's Club of Vancouver at Hycroft

Hycroft Mansion

The event open to all, members and non-members, is sold out. The setting is exquisite, an Edwardian mansion built in 1911 in Shaughnessy neighbourhood in Vancouver filled with immaculate time period furniture, dozens of unique rooms, and vistas across Vancouver. The manicured grounds are as elegant as they are expansive with giant Douglas Fir trees and century old gardens. 

The University Women’s Club of Vancouver at Hycroft has been owned and operated by Vancouver women since 1962 when it was purchased then restored to its former grandeur after hosting the Who’s Who during the 1920s and 30s and beyond then laying vacant for two years. In 1974 the Club was given an award of merit from the Vancouver Historical Society for their historical and architectural preservation. 

Every year the club hosts an International Women’s Day Celebration, an event honouring women who take great strides to improve important aspects the world. As a former member of UWCV at Hycroft, I know the high esteem with which the house is cared for, the members are elevated and each event is held. Wonderful decor, glamorous lighting, gourmet food trays, impeccable service, polished manners tailor this wonderful meeting place as a well-appointed refuge for intelligent Vancouver female movers and shakers. 

This year UWCV will host a panel discussion entitled Refugee Women, Living The Story: Information, Insights & Inspiration. A variety of women will speak about the reality that faces those who become refugees as a result of global violence and conflict, acknowledging that the World Health Organization has stated that ‘gender based inequity is usually exacerbated during situations of extreme violence.’ Generations of women know this to be true so the UWCV is doing its part to support and make visible organizations, people and systems that can help those in need during this type of crisis. 

Interestingly, it is noted that women rarely instigate such conflicts and yet are disproportionally affected by them, such as the current Syrian refugee crisis illustrates. This year’s event and speakers will share stories that will move and inspire you to be thankful that in Canada we have such places as Hycroft to discuss matters that affect women so that we can strengthen and unify our energy to balance and eliminate further abuse and misuse of power. 

Remember to celebrate International Women’s Day happening on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016, in your own life, in your own way, further elevating the movement to bring peace to our beloved planet Mother Earth. Because It Matters.

Little Woo, An Otherly Human

Little Woo grew up in what she calls the Far East of Canada, in the land of the Maritimes. In the beginning, she was a child full of zest but she soon saw that the world was not safe as there was a lack of acceptance and a great violence in humanity. She experienced ugliness that she didn't understand and felt that the universe was unwelcoming. 

At first she thought that there was something wrong with her because she didn't feel wanted here on Earth.  This stifled her connectivity with others throughout the school years.  As her heart closed, she experienced a difficult life path dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. Ultimately, she realized that she did believe in herself so it was humanity and the universe that she did not trust. Yet somehow in her heart, memories of beauty and enchantment she had seen in The Last Unicorn and in other fairytales remained alive. 

She was drawn to the mythologies of heroism and idealism that were recurring themes in fairytales and films. She wondered why we would keep reaching for these same noble ideas over and over in our art and our stories? She started believing that beauty and goodness must exist on some plane of reality. She realized that even if everything we do falls short of the higher vision in our hearts, the ideal keeps fuelling humanity's dreams and creativity.

As she explored her own mythology more deeply, she found that the truest art form is how you live your life. So the question that entranced her is: How do we become enchanted with life? How do we find this magic in adulthood?  She started to develop a process to heal herself with this mythology of being. Since she'd previously taught music, dance and art, teaching the healing arts was a natural evolution. So she invested all her energy into being a creative, awake and loving human - what she calls a “magical human.” 

She developed a program called The School of Enchantment: Inner Training for Magical Humans and it is now the school's ten-year anniversary. She strives to find the true, good and beautiful in people, sharing the journey of self-discovery with her clients and students.  “Once you fall in love again with life, the doors start to open because you can finally see others and they can see you.” 

In her workshops, private coaching and upcoming online classes, she teaches the art of creative compassion as a practical tool for happiness and problem solving. By doing what she playfully calls a PhD in Compassion, we can train to be happy, loving human beings - just as we train to be athletes, artists, scientists or entrepreneurs.  She believes that our inner child is cheering us on as we bring back the Magical Humans to enchant our corner of the universe. Little Woo is Otherly. Because It Matters.

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Dan Lok, An Otherly Human

Dan Lok is a successful self-made entrepreneur who freely and generously teaches others who follow him the steps he has taken to reach his success. Dan grew up in Hong Kong and moved to Vancouver Canada with his mother at 16, after the divorce of his parents. He found himself floundering at school and in this new society without any English or experience in Canada. When the impact of the change dawned on him, he realized he needed to grow up, help his loving mother and learn to make it on his own. 


He knew business was the way to make success for himself and he saw the lucrative work of copywriting as a vehicle forward. Struggling with the English language his work was challenging until he found a mentor in Alan Jacques, who saw his potential, believed in him and helped him become better. Dan worked day and night pushing forward continuously and gained some momentum. He made some mistakes along the way but pushed onward, decidedly diligent about his success. He began to gain ground and made great strides. At first he was very ego-oriented when he gained some success. Then he realized, that new cars, a nice home and plenty of money didn’t bring additional happiness. He soon discovered that helping others gave him the heart-warming feeling that he had been seeking.

He applied what he knew to help others become better. He began to mentor other businessmen and women, helping them see their potential and taking several under his wing, volunteering to help them grow and prosper. He realized that the best way to serve the world and make positive change was to build more entrepreneurs who could do the work of great change on personal and community levels, where the work is needed most. 

 Dan Lok

Dan Lok

These days Dan offers a monthly Meetup in the beautiful and inspiring Vancouver Club, delivering rich knowledge that everyday people can take and apply to their greater success. He offers his guidance freely, and believes that benefiting and elevating others is the best way to help change the world for the better. Dan donates to the Children’s Hospital in Vancouver and works tirelessly to uplift and nurture his community of up and coming business entrepreneurs. Dan Lok is loved and greatly valued by many. Dan Lok is Otherly. Because It Matters.

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Daniel Corbett, An Otherly Human

 Daniel Corbett

Daniel Corbett

Daniel was born in Victoria B.C. as an only child whose parents divorced while he was young.  During his childhood he lived within two different families with two very separate ideologies - one being a very religious Christian family and the other, more secular and worldly. His innate sensitivity as an empath challenged him to find inner peace, even as his outer world challenged him being raised between two realms and living in two different mindsets. He discovered pain within him which he felt was tied to his family lineage from Ireland. He reflected on his feelings of inner anguish, understanding the journey of establishing one self in a new country, similarly feeling between two worlds.

As he searched for his own independence, he found that he loved everybody and that the love within him overflowed at times. Then he experienced waves of sadness and periods of depression that he felt was the physical manifestation of the ancestral pain. He yearned to step out of confusion and find something unique for himself as he struggled with information that he didn't know how to deal with.

 Daniel playing to a live audience

Daniel playing to a live audience

This triggered the decision to become worldly and expand through escaping into the physical experience. He wanted to walk through it, knowing instinctively it would lead back to a place he wanted to be. He felt the opening of his heart centre and more accepted by the world. When he felt he had received enough of the world, he held up his hands and asked, What is my path? He asked the Universe and God to reveal itself/himself to him. Then he began to notice and collect the little signs and signals he was shown, like hearts or inspiring book titles. He collected these pieces for a year, building a scrap book.

He was lead to embark on yogic practices to find heart centred ways to reclaim his spirit. He began to redefine his definition of divine connection, to understand the polarities of his inner journey. Then he found Reiki and chakra knowledge, and studied to achieve Reiki mastery in just one year. He finished his diploma in classical music and became a certified Hatha and laughing yoga teacher with intention to pursue becoming a sound healer, musical therapist and performance artist. Spirit has begun to fast forward his life.

Now, he is on a good path, exactly where he is meant to be and accepting of moments of bliss intermingled with moments of chaos. Its all healthy, healing and healed, he says. Through everything that he does, he feels granted opportunities to help others which he always answers, mindfully allowing what spirit moves through him. He offers conversation, Reiki healing and heartfelt acknowledgement which further connects him to his divine path and spirit. These days he lets go and creates his visions and dreams by expressing his heart further. Daniel is Otherly. Because It Matters.

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Shelley Klassen, An Otherly Human

Shelley grew up in Niagara Falls, the youngest of four children to hard working immigrant Mennonite parents. Inspired by her mother’s love for sewing, Shelley began designing at an early age but her love of fabrics grew with her first foreign adventure volunteering at an orphanage in India.  

Shortly after she graduated from design school in Ottawa, she moved to Vancouver and launched her beautiful Blushing Designs line of chic, feminine clothing.  While her passion is designing, her inspiration comes from listening and connecting with the women in her community.  

Shelley’s flagship boutique on Richards St. in downtown Vancouver, is a hotspot for community and charity events and she donates regularly to genuine causes. Working closely with the local design schools, Shelley’s design atelier is a dream opportunity for young talent who come to cultivate their skills before launching their own labels. Shelley has found fashion to be an amazing convergence of women doing incredible things for their communities.

Shelley is now a mother of three young children and supported by her loving husband of twenty years. Welcoming and gracious, together they make an impact in Vancouver’s fashion scene while keeping the importance of supporting and the community a priority.  A visit to the boutique will leave you inspired and curious about what is possible. 

Shelley is a unique, iconic Canadian fashion designer well-loved by her community and fans. She is approachable, heart-centered and seeks to support each person she encounters. This is why Shelley is so loved. This is why Shelley is Otherly. Because It Matters.

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Kaurina Danu

Kaurina Danu’s heart is so big. She is a mother of four children, aged from fourteen to one year. She is tirelessly caring for her children, her community, her friends and her clients. Aside from the ongoing tasks of motherhood Kaurina has pursued a life coaching certification so that she can help other mothers ease the stresses of their lives.

She is also trained as a doula, helping mothers birth their children into the world, in a safe, centred, and conscious way that alleviates any stress on the mother or baby. She is constantly acquiring more information even as she is well educated, a natural on the birthing process. She continues to serve the women who come to her through the community birth program for women in need and those who find her through trusted friends. She is always available to help and give advice to new moms. 

Currently she is offering free life coaching sessions to help women be less stressed, find their purposes and live the life of their dreams. She is always available to her friends at any time of the day or night, and is sometimes called upon to provide meals, shelter, drives to the airport and any other way she can serve her community.

Kaurina is a giving person, and she makes helping look effortless and natural. Whenever she has guests there is always an offer of food, kindness, help, support and assistance. She is always willing to be of service. She is an Otherly person. Because It Matters.